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Members Forum & AGM 2016

RAATSICC had a successful Members Forum on 23rd November 2016 with some very interesting information shared from many of our guest speakers. With the many changes that are currently happening with our services, it was great to come together with stakeholders and members to share each others specialty fields of work and the great programs that are presently active. It was identified amongst Stakeholders and members, working together will enhance the accessibility of services offered to our children and families.

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White Ribbon March - Friday 11/11/16

White Ribbon March on Friday 11.11.16 at 3:30 pm “Stand up Speak out”: Prevent men’s violence against women; everyone is welcome and your presence and support will be highly appreciated.

The March will start at the Manoora Community Garden and finishes at Manoora Community Centre.

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Our Story.

RAATSICC began as a grassroots childcare program led by a group of women who wanted the best for their kids and has grown into an incorporated organisation that delivers services to a network across all of Far North Queensland.

Having home-grown workers living in these communities is the best asset to any organisation and RAATSICC builds on that belief.

RAATSICC programs have overcome huge barriers to provide genuine support through workshops, information sessions, meetings, etc, to successfully skill-up and support the community workers and their local bodies.

Devoted workers are united in the bond formed by the urge for quality care and protection of our children. Yet we have maintained our individual and cultural identity.

RAATSICC directs and oversees these programs and will continue to monitor how the needs of our communities are addresses. We will continue to maintain working relationships with government agencies to advocate on behalf of our communities.

It is through community organisations such as RAATSICC that have the grassroots perspectives on issues such as domestic and family violence and child abuse and neglect, that we can truly provide community- owned solutions.

Help us empower your community.