Focus Newsletter December 2014

Welcome to the 6th Edition of the RAATSICC Focus. The October to December quarter, was a buzz of activity for the RAATSICC Team. All new service agreements were signed, which resulted in the review of all position packages and the alignment of the PD’s to the new investment specifications.

This was crucial for the organisation as in November RAATSICC rolled out its largest recruitment round in its history. I am also pleased to announce that after 12 months in the acting CEO position, RAATSICC Management offered me a 12 month contract as the official CEO of RAATSICC, which I accepted.

RAATSICC also held a successful Members Forum and AGM, under the revised constitution and a new board was elected. The results are as followed:

  • President: Stuart Marquardt
  • Vice President: Louisa Miskin
  • Treasurer: Peterson Opio
  • Secretary: Emma Schuh
  • Non-Executive Management Committee Member: Paula Neal
  • Non-Executive Management Committee Member: VACANT

The end of the quarter RAATSICC held a Organisational and Program Induction forum for all new staff, which ensured that staff were fully aware of the organisation and the programs prior to their commencement in January 2015.

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