Members Forum & AGM 2016

RAATSICC had a successful Members Forum on 23rd November 2016 with some very interesting information shared from many of our guest speakers.

With the many changes that are currently happening with our services, it was great to come together with stakeholders and members to share each others specialty fields of work and the great programs that are presently active.

It was identified amongst Stakeholders and members, working together will enhance the accessibility of services offered to our children and families.

Our AGM which was held on the 24th November 2016 went well with President Stuart Marquardt and Treasurer Paula Neal being nominated for another 2 years.

Lavinia Webb from QIFVLS was nominated and welcomed as a board member alongside Matilda Savage from Horn Island who has been a board member since last year 2015 AGM.

We welcomed our available staff to the Corporate office to join our Board Members for a Christmas lunch after the AGM which was delicious!

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