Corporate Unit

The Corporate Unit is instrumental in guiding the overall effectiveness of RAATSICC through determining the vision and purpose, setting strategic operational objectives and monitoring and evaluating professional organisational practice. In early 2015, as a result of constitutional changes this program extended to cover all areas of Far North Queensland.

The Corporate Unit has serviced Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders for over two decades providing effective governance to:

  • develop organisational strategies and plans,
  • improve operational effectiveness,
  • comply with regulatory financial and risk management requirements,
  • build stakeholder engagement and communication strateiges,
  • grow the organisational reputation to be a key service provider for children, youth and families within the region.

This unit operates from a membership base, supported by the management committee and management team to highlight and address issues effecting child, youth and families. We achieve this through:

  • Consultations: community and individual (fee for service)
  • Shared facilitation of community awareness programs
  • Networking mechanisms
  • Referrals to identified programs
  • Research initiatives
  • Partnership activities with other organisations
  • Auspicing of funds for community projects.

This support is not limited to the items outlined nor is it given without prior request.